Sunset Cruise Every Evening

The evening sunset cruise comes complete with food, Margaritas, Draft Beer and sodas. Activities include swimming, diving, dancing to the Live  music of the band "Kaoba ". See the new dance group "Salsa Caliente ". We also have sports TV, Wii and shows for the kids.Read more

Bird Island Weddings & More

Bird Island cruise is a favorite. The experience of the seals and sea lions is unforgettable. Pictures say it all here in Puerto Peņasco, Rocky Point Mexico. Weddings and parties are great the kids can be entertained With Wii & TV while being supervised on the second deck.Read more

Everything from Insurance to Solar Panels Diving Swimming, fishing

                             Alejandro Portugal SEGUROS INSURANCE

Here we have Alejandro Portugal Insurance by far the best Seguros in Peņasco. Now they are ecologically the best using the sun for electrical power. USE YOUR RECEIPT FROM ALEJANDRO PORTUGAL SEGUROS FOR A $30 DISCOUNT ON YOUR PANELS.     24/7    OR FROM THE US 520 450 3237 24/7 Peņasco Cel 638 386 1754.

Come to Rocky Imports for Household Items from Furnature to Cooking Supplies then Clothing to Automotive and Hardware.

Rocky Imports where the variety is amazing, from food to furnature and then hardware to Automotive Supplies at the best prices in town, and as you can see we are right next to the TelMex tower in the middle of town.

Sonoran Desert Solar The panels pay for themselves in 2 Years and are guaranteed to deliver free power for 23 years more..

The new Sonoran Desert Solar system is first-class and has the latest technology. It develops the maximum wattage per dollar and pays for itself in 2 years. That means that over the next 18 years of the panel’s guarantee it reduces your light Bill and gives you 10 times the return on investment. Once you have enough wattage to cover 75% of your light Bill with the air-conditioning running it will generate enough electricity to pay your light bill all year. In the months when you are using very little energy the panels are generating energy and giving you credit for the months when more watts are needed. For example in the 6 months of November December January February March and April, when the air conditioner does not run you are generating a surplus and with this surplus generated you compensate your largest Bill when the air conditioner is running.

  Bird Island is the experience of a lifetime. We are the only vessel in Peņasco that will transport more than 20 people at speeds up to 17 knots.
With Dining, dancing, Sports TV, water sports with 3 waterslides, and you can snorkel with the seals and Sea Lions. These seals will actually swim through your legs. One diver who has been all around the world snorkeling came on board a bit skeptical when I said this is the best. On the way home he admitted it was the first time he had been around animals that size without having to be afraid. We leave at 8:00 am and return at 4:00 pm, spending 3 hours at the Island. We let you do some fishing and then our staff prepares the fish so you  eat them as we return. All this for just $75. Register on line print the coupon and pay only $70. The best activities in Mexico are in Rocky Point Puerto Peņasco.

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Snokeling Skin Diving Á Sailing all in the same day.
The Peņasco Activities center will give you the best for getting the best deals with guaranteed results. We have the best in fishing trips, trips to bird island, snorkeling, skin diving and more. Here we have an opportunity to Snorkel and Skin Dive from a sail boat. It leaves in the morning arrives at Bird Island and gives the best Snorkeling and Skin Diving in Peņasco. All guaranteed to please. Wow!! Come with us here in Puerto Peņasco, Rocky Point Mexico.

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Dolphins swimming near the bow of the boat.
You can see part of the anchor and the bow to the lower left. This is like in the movie Titanic. Actually the dolphins are not playing as they said in the movie, they are watching the fish move to avoid the big boat. The comparatively small dolphins see the fish move and eat. Every evening brings different circumstances. With the sea life, swimming, diving, eating, dancing, and meeting new people there is never a dull moment. Last week we saw the Space Shuttle pass overhead from the 3rd deck.

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A pregnant seal at peace with us.
Showing the tranquility of nature with our presence. She spends some time every day at peace with us and our customers. Take pictures of her with your kids and have memories for a lifetime. These kinds of pictures will make you kids stars of show and tell in school. More priceless pictures coming available in September with the Ecological Viewing Platform when you kids can be warm and safe with you and see an abundance of seals and sea-lions swimming by the windows as shown below.

See the Ecological Viewing Platform coming in October.
The Platform will be available for all to enjoy young and old. Here you can see this abundance of wildlife in their natural settings. In this area are over 4000 seals and sea lions. This will be the experience of a lifetime, being able to see this natural reserve with your kids, not having to get wet and being in the comfort of your clothes will add to this positive experience in your life.

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This illustrates the family style seating arrangement on the second deck. This is the deck with the large screen HDTV's. We show kids movies and live sports broadcasts. We will have the NFL football for those that want it on the second deck. This coverage will come with headsets for private listening. These broadcasts will also take place at the dock when a cruise is not scheduled.

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Here we have the water slides. Kids and grandmothers alike have fun sliding into 80 plus degree water.
Couples hold hands on the double blue slides. Diving takes place 22 feet above the water from the third deck. Touch the Read more button below to see more of the fun.

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Cruises for Weddings and special occasions a specialty.
The wedding vows were given on the top deck. It was set up with cathedral seating for 100 plus persons. The second deck had the buffet. The first deck was for cutting the cake and dancing to live music.

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Emer Services
The Emergency Services Response Team is at your service

We have set up this response team to assist tourists with life threatening or freedom restricting problems. Knowing what Doctor is qualified in the area of expertise needed. Making sure there is no red tape that will hinder fast results. In legal maters the red tape literally compounds by the minute. Several instances where we have helped are:

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This is a picture of the Fiesta Cruiser on its last leg of the trip to Peņasco from Hawaii.
The islands in the background are bird Islands 28 miles from Peņasco. This is a southern view of the islands.
My son joined us in Guaymas for this leg of the journey as the only passenger. At 16 knots or 15 miles per hour this Guaymas to Peņasco leg took 22 hours.

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Peņasco Rocky Point Mexico

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The new systems are amazing they Will pay for themselves in two years and with a 25 year warranty you cancel your energy bill for 23 years more while solar panels are under warranty. Consider a 50% return on your money during the first two years and then a 900% return in the same money over the next 18 years.

Alejandro Portugal Insurance (Seguros) is number 1 and available to purchase anytime. Give us a call 24/7 From the US 520 450 3237. You can use our 800 number   
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